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XMAs Island

Sorry for the big delay in the posting, I have been 75 hours a week busy at work for the last month. What I learned from my Christmas Island vacation is when they say donít drink the water they mean it. Can we say Salmonella? Yes that is right I got Salmonella. It was only the last two days of the trip (and two weeks after that). The fishing was great I averaged about 10-15 fish a day. Most where in the 1-3lbs range but I had 2 over 6 pounds and about a dozen over 4lbs. The fish where not that shy. Any fly that was pink, orange or yellow they loved and they werenít leader shy. What counted was the presentation. It is so important that you place the fly close enough to get noticed but not so close that it spooked them. Even more important, and this goes for all fish is that the fly has to move away from the fish. I also caught two blue Trevelle. They are very beautiful fish.
My favorite time was the day we went off shore. Caught about a dozen skip Jacks (just like bonita) in the 8-20 pound range and I had 2 yellowfin on. The first I fought for about 45 minutes and lost. I was using a 20 lbs leader with 80lbs shock, which serves me right. I put on a 40lbs leader for the second but he spooled me. Thatís right I had a 12wt with a Tibor gulfstream with 350yrds of micro backing and I got spooled in about 2 minutes. That was a blast
I will limit my advice since I know their are hundred of web sites on the island to bring a good book or two and lots of snacks. Also bring stuff to tip the guides rather then money. They seem to like it a lot better.
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