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Thanks, keep the ideas coming.

Tying at work for me is not an option, with a corner office and windows on all sides except one, would not look good in an international financial services company modern office building.

I am envious though :hehe: :hehe:

Had some stuff stored in cabinets in the garage, little critter field mouse I suppose must have decided he liked some of my old bucktails and just ate them to the bone. Oh well it was old stuff I had not used in years. I am thinking about getting some more of those large plastic storage boxes you see construction workers use and college students in their rooms. Organize all materials by type of flies you tie trout naturals, steelhead naturals and flourescents and then just pull out what you need to ty the types you are going to do that day.

If any one has figured out how to tie more than one fly at once I want to know about it.

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