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Couple soluctions

There are a couuple solutions. My fiirst recomendation is a roltop desk if you have the room. I have a large rolltop tha has so much room I actualy have room to fil up with supplies LOL. Ii actually keep my fly rels in bags in one of the desk drawars with my fly boxes. Now, I keep a Plano 777 box for my portable kit. It's a paramedic box tha can hold a TON of fly tying stuff. I just throw in my goods and go.

Now, you can get by with a rubbermade and put your goods iin ziplocks. Stash it somewhere, a closet andget when you need. By a portable bench for about $50-$70 an off you go.

Now, any of you who live in the Pacific Northwest, mainly WA area. I do hae my old fold down front desk. It's smaller desk I used for flytying (it was also my study desk in gradeschol/colege.Once I got my roltop desk it's ben sitting stagnant. If anybody is interested, I'd sel it for $30. It's not a fancy dancy desk, but has rom for suplis,a d an area t tie flies.
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