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I have two solutions. The first is a tying station at work ... shhh! As a high school teacher I get a prep period. It is in a large closet into which I have a small table and chair, a gooseneck lamp, a small garbage can, as well as a couple of shelves on the back wall. It is a sweet set-up. While I would never dream of tying during work time, I do regularly tie on my preps. After whatever prep work is done I can get 2 or 3 flies tied. Doing this a couple of times a week can really keep the fly-box well stocked. My wife also works at the same school and is notoriously slow in leaving, it used to drive me crazy - not now - I can tie a couple of flies while I wait. Needless to say, this virtually eliminates the need for a messy (or otherwise) tying station at home!

To facilitate the tying away from home I maintain an "in season" kit of materials I will be using and keep that at school. Most of which I can cram into a gym-type bag if I need to take it home or on a trip. The rest of my materials goes in a really cool plastic cabinet. I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago and it is great. It is a plastic shop storage cabinet that is about 4' high and maybe 18"x18". It has 5 large drawers and sits on casters. When I go on extended trips in the trailer, it goes along - it fits easily into a nook in the trailer and travels without probem. It is large, light, clean and mobile - and its pretty cheap. I have seen them at Home Depot and other similar places. I am considering a second one but the overflow is not quite at critical mass yet!
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