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Amazing how you can find "reasons" to be out of the office ...

Two shots with the rod today loaded with the 10-11 RIO Acltr tri tip. Skip a hinged line with this puppy. Timing not exactly on and the cast will fold up at 45 feet. Slow the timing down and I was running the head and 5 or 6 coils of line with the rod (plus 15-17
'ish feet of leader and two wted tube flys). Get the timing down and consistently hit 33- 38 yards of line off the rod (math is about 100 to 114 feet). Thing I noticed (second excuse to be out of the office) was the close nature of the first gathering guide, seems far too close to shoot line. Will rig rod passing this one up and see how it goes; good and I'll have the loop removed and re-glazed.

A cannon with this line; looking forward to trying the WC 10-11-12.
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