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If you haven't already taken the drastic step on the chopping block, there is an alternative that leaves your line intact. Over the past two seasons Dana and I have been experimenting with "poly-leaders" made by Loop and Airflo (and a number others just recently on the market). These are mono core leaders covered with tungsten to provide the weight, they come looped and I think they are the cat's ass! I attached a heavy butt section to my fly line and tie a loop 3-4" down, to which I loop the poly-leader and add a 4' section of tippet. Now the regular front taper turns over even the poly-leader and it sinks like mad due to its thin profile. They come in every sink rate from Hover to type VI. I can hit bottom in any water I would normally expect to catch a steelhead in with standard tips and the true bonus it is casts like a regular floater, but gets down like a tip! We have not used the standard sink tip since we started experimenting. These are very cool.
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