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The JoanMeister says..

Joan's on her 4th Olympus; just keeps 'up-grading' as they come out with bigger/better toys (and she skoffs at my rods.) Her present one is an Optical zoom (she says skip the dig. zoom) mod. 3030. Also adds that 1.3 meg.pix is pretty minimal. 3 would be far better for quality pictures.

In that vein she said look for a camera that will take 960 x 1280 or 980 x 1260 for the best quality pictures. Haven't a clue what that means (as I said I'm still a 35mm kind of guy) but apparently that's good. Typings a bit complicated now as I've got 12# of amorous cat in my lap. ("Skip the keyboard dummy, work behind my left ear, yes, yes that's it .xmmcvkj[alskj").

Anyway, she take (litterly) thousands of pics on her dig. camera (something like 8 or 10 32mm 'memory' chips) and what she can do with 'computer enhancement' should be against the law. Believe almost nothing anymore. That 20" fish, want it to be 40? No Problemo.
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