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Carp are the Rodney Dangerfields of flyfishing.....they get no respect. Many people scoff at them, but I've heard that they are one of the most difficult fish to catch on a fly. Small nymphs, berry patterns, and even small imitations of cotton seeds are used for these fish.

Any time that I've caught a carp has been totally incidental while nymphing for another species. I've tried to sight fish for them, but they always thumb their noses at me. I lived at an apartment complex in Nashua, NH about three years ago that had a pond of a couple acres that was full of sunfish and carp. I made hundreds of casts to dozens of five pound carp, and never drew a strike. I've also tried to hook some brutes on the Housatonic at the base of Stevenson Dam with similar results. I have to say that if I were to see one again, I'd try for it again. Must be the constant rejection, like when I kept asking out that girl who always turned me down.....
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