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Yeah I have to gear up and go after these guys again. There is a local pond I run by on my normal jogging route which is filled with them. The town drained, dredged and restocked the pond two years ago. The local kids which fish it don't know how to catch the carp, they are after the sunfish, catfish, and carp.

Although I might look odd with my $ 500 graphite fly rod next to them with their Snoopy Rods. But as we have seen in recent posts the Snoopy Rods are not to be joked at, they can be a leathal tool in the correct fishing hands.

Got some big gold fish in it also I suppose people have emptied their home fish tanks into on the QT. I think this would be good sport on a 5 or 6 weight rod. Would also get my arms in shape for Michigan steelhead and salmon, perhaps could be considered training camp, etc...

I know in UK carp are a prized sport fish and managed. I will not be eating them though, thats for sure.

:hehe: :hehe:
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