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The Blue Bayou looks like a salmon streamer type fly to me. Will give it a go out here when the proper scenario presents itself.

I know they have steelhead and king and probably coho salmon in the Niagara. But atlantic salmon may be a Zipperlip type scenario. Were not aware of them being there but they have been stocked by Canada, Michigan, Ohio, and maybe New York state through out the Great Lakes over the last 100 years.

Atlantic Salmon were native to Lake Ontario and maybe Lake Erie at one time.

Michigans program has not been successful. Not stocked them in the PM in late 70s when I fished for them, very few were ever caught except out in Lake Michigan.

Sounds like that old fellow has a good thing going and your were very lucky to have met him. We better not talk about much more open on the net.

Have to check it out further.


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