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Thanks again

Glad you liked the flies, hope the rest like them too.

I fished the Niagara about 6 years ago. Fished te NY side and awent with friend into te Ontario side. The fish I cauhgt sure looked lke Atlantics and the nice old gent I encountered on the bank near the town of Niagara NY on the Niagara river told me they were Atlantics. I boought my license, had my regs, but had no idea of what an Atlantic loked like. I had my buddies fly rod (too bad he had to work while I visited hiim in NY) and went down to he river. I was WAY unprepared. Hhe had al steelhead gear and big bushy winterrun flies for fishing the OlyPen. He hadn't fished there yet. Luckily this old man gave me some insight anda few flies. Hhe was using a very old bamboo spey rod (well, it loked like one, same type of handle but only about 11' long). He told me there was atlanics (I was told there were salmon in the river at the local sporting goods shop I bought my license) The flies worked like a charm, and the ish looked similar to king, just different spots and configuration. He told me they were atlantics and I tok his work for it. Do they have kings planted i that river? Could've been a funky king. Loked identicle to the the atlantis I cuaught in Olalla when th netpens broke a couple years ago. Any Niagara fisherman in here? Any insight on what runs in the niagara? Mmaaybe its'a morphed king?????
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