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I'm glad you liked them. It's actually based off an AS pattern, but QUITE loosely. I heavily customized it, but I got it from a guy who tied his own flies on the Niagara. His was more of a decorative fly that you'd see in a display (gut loop and all). I cried when I lost that fly.

I was never taught (eventhough I self taught myself to tie flies) to tie up a traditional faancy featherwing flies. So, ince I never got a name and pretty much redesigned the fly I naamed it myself. Called iit the Blue Bayou because of a commnt someone said about the fly after Ii tied the first ones up.

Yes, they do catch stelhead, more late winterruns/early summerruns. I normaly fish these on fair/good visibility. I've cauught somme Atlantics on them, but not "true" Atlantics. Caught the netpen atlantics thtaescaped a few years ago on Puget Sound.

Let me kknow how they work, or if you incorporate it into your flybox. I ways wondered how'd they work on Atlanntics on the east coast. I was a bit uneasy sending in AS flies, since I'm not an AS fisherman, but figured I'd give it a try.
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