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multi-tip flylines

Does anyone have a preference for a certain brand of multi-tip flyline.I purchased a Cortland last year and had some problems.I had the line replaced and noticed they made a drastic change to the loop system.I didn't particularly like the change.A few days ago I picked up an Airflow multi-tip system and was really impressed with the loops.They are very different.They are small,very smooth with no knots and made of a very different material.Does anyone know how well these loops hold up?How do the Cortland and Airflow lines compare to the other models out there?I am considering trading my Cortland in on a different brand as I don't like the loop system(each loop is almost 2" long and made of Spectra).There is a very large gap between the flylines and I would have thought that this would interfere with the lines ability to turn over properly.Has anyone tried this line?What were your impressions?
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