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McFly Foam Eggs

McFly Foam eggs are dead easy. Here's what I do:

- I use Danville flat nylon tread - it's very strong and easy to work with.
- I use #4 Gamakatsu Octopus hooks - very strong and sharp.
- Start with three or four wraps of the thread on the hook shank about midway between the hook point and the eye of the hook.
- I use only 2 one inch pieces of foam (about one-quarter of an inch wide) tied on the sides and towards the top of the shank (tied in at the middle of each piece to that you have a one-half inch tags of foam on each side). Tie them in one at a time using two or three wraps.
- When the two piece are tied on, let the thread drop below the shank, then pull back the foam (along the shank, toward the bend) and tie off your thread with a whip finish just in front of the foam. Add a drop of head cement, and the tying part is done.
- Now you have 2 one inch piece of foam on each side of the shank, each with 2 one-half inch tag ends.
- Starting with one piece of foam, hold the 2 tag ends between your thumb and forefinger. Pull them perpendicular to the shaft. Position your scissors parallel to the shaft of the hook and cut off both tag ends in one stroke, cutting one-quarter to one-third of an inch from the shank.
- Repeat with the other piece of foam.
- Fluff with your fingers, and you're done.

Avoid tying foam on the bottom of the shank. This will impede the gap.

I like orange, peach and bubble gum colours for eggs. You can also tie in a few strands of white or chartreuse marabou as a tag end/tail.

After a couple of experimental ties, you should be able to tie these up in a minute or so.

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