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Pike on the Fly

I wanted to continue the Pike discussion away from the Pike fly swap thread.
I found the State of Mass. info on Pike and Tiger Musky stocking. here:

It states:
These tables list waters where Northern Pike and Tiger Muskellunge have been stocked in the past decade. These 2 species of fish are stocked at 6-12" and require 3-5 years to attain the 28 " minimum legal length

That means those stocked in the Concord R. in 1995 are over 30" long!:eyecrazy:

I also went out at lunch and found an awesome boat launch on the Concord river in the Great Meadows area. This could be a fun challenge depending on the boat/jet ski traffic. Fishing at dawn should be quiet. What else do we need to know to pursue these beasts?


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