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I boned on my own at Bahia Honda State Park and on Matecumbe Key at the Green Turtle Inn Sign. Plenty of fish mudding at Annie's Landing (I think it was annie's, some girls' name; public access area, watch out for 'odd duck' human behavior there at nightfall)
Definitely chat with Bud and Mary, LaJolla, etc. Please tell them the Flyfishing Forum says HI! Bonefish Bob is another must stop - he'll send you in the right direction.

'Cuda are pretty easy if they're around, but make sure you are prepared to deal with them if you connect. Have some good hemostats and go barbless with wire.

I saw tarpon blasting pilchards at Bahia Honda. I had an 8wt so stayed away discretion being the better part of valor and all that.

I agree that you should hire a guide if you can, nothing like being poled around the flats or taken to the mangroves where tarpon are holding up that day.

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Boat rentals on the keys?

Bigcat makes an annual pilgrimage to the Keys and can probably give you outstanding information on tarpon fishing. Dave P (fliboy) just got back from chasing tarpon, the pictures will be up today.

What specific questions do you have - let's see if we can help.
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