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I must give my opinion here.. I go barbless in the spring when going after schoolie stripers.. However, like Roop My deep sand eels still have the barb on.. I have fished maybe 50% barb and50% barbless during the summer months... fishing the surf.. big currents in the summer make water conditions tougher. But more importantly, I do not see any additional damage when I have removed a barb hook from a big blue or 36 inch striper.. That is not to say I advocate barb hooks and will plan on fishing barbless exclusively this year.. but when drifting in a boat off south beach or the crashing surf I will ponder whether it really is doing the damage on those fish as it can on small fish, trout or other soft mouth fish. The real danger with barbs is when there is a full swallow.. but superficial mouth hook ups is not the same. Barbless started , I think ,because of the gut hook potential and removal of type of hook. Barbless can be removed much easier down deep than barbs. It really was not begun for mouth hook up releases... just my opinion.
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