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Ask: "A good example of a bad example."

Good catch. "FE" are my first and last initials. (Fred Evans)

And you're correct, we must (regardless of the language) watch our use of local or 'slang' terms. "Slanguage" can get you into real trouble. A given phrase can have a completly different meaning in a different part of the world.

A couple of examples of how to get yourself in 'trouble.' In America, the term "She's knocked up" suggests the young lady is pregnant; in New Zealand or Australia the same term means 'she's' hurt herself to the point (injury) she can't travel. Another is the term "fanny pack." In the States the term refers to a small self-belted bag you'd ware around your middle to hold you sun glasses, etc. Back in NZ and Australia the term "fanny" refers to a ladies (shall we say ....? ) 'reproductive organ.' There, a fanny pack is called a 'bum-bag.'

And I won't get started on hand gestures!!! Travel around the world and REFRAIN from any hand gestures; stick them in your pocket if you must.

(Do I sound like I've learned some of this stuff the "Hard Way?"

Almost forgot to add: "ton of good ..." means lots of good information.

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