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I've had 2 seasons now of great success in the fall using mini Buffys for Juvi patterns. But, Jared gave me a Juvi one day down at the Rhodeyfest. It was a high tie style with a very nice profile, and it held up under the conditions.
I hung on to it for a looong time. Then one day near the end of this past Oct. I was out at MArblehead getting the last of the migrating stripers and running low on Juvi patterns. I put this high tie on and the stripers went bazerk on it! I mean changing to that fly really made a difference. Alas, it got broken off eventually. Jared has offered to show me that style of tying.
SO it stands to reason that one could do the bigger flys with it.
(Jared, if you're reading this, bring one of those flies to Marlboro to show us (and for me to steal)).

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