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Ask, you're 100% correct about 'idioms' in the American Language.

Same problem folks have here in the USA; we "speak" American, but write in "English." This is the major reason a lot of American's have trouble writing; they forget (or don't know) that you have to translate from one language (spoken) into another (written).

Then you add 'idioms' to the mix and it can get very interesting. But it's the richness of the language that makes 'American' the language of commerce, fleight, etc., world-wide. Probably no where else on earth could someone "coin a phrase" and have it universally understood within the culture in a matter of weeks. Probably faster if it's on MTV!

The Russian's found this out when you folks shot "Sputnik" into orbit. A word never heard in North America; within a couple of weeks everyone!! knew exactly what the term ment.

But the language is unique in that (barring idioms and local slang) you can travel the better part of 5000 miles (Key West, Florida to Barrow, Alaska) and hold a direct conversation with someone else. Germany, roughly the size of Oregon, go 100 miles and you're in another world.

Having said all that, you've got a good command of "American."

Forgot to add: I received your e mail but haven't had an opportunity to properly respond to you. However, 'tons' of interesting information; would you mind if I posted it to the board? I'm sure everyone would love to share the information on your area of the world.

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