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Oh I can see it now. 12 of us standing out by the Chatham light in Tuxedos with chest waders covering most of them. Except for Mr. Morin who has neatly rolled up his tux slacks legs beCAusE HE'S WET WADING!!! We all look like fools and Mr. Morin wins best dressed. Forget your little clave.

Of course this thread is like a freight train that turned off onto a dirt road. Roop I am formulating an answer to you question. And my answer is poppers. For some reason last year on my annual trip with family to the awesome Smallie/ Largemouth pond, the only thing working was popers. Oh ya, I did catch a Darning Needle hatch on the lake so a few Hornbergs fished dry worked. Maybe because the water was so warm and there was a drought. Surface action only.


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