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A great idea, BUT - to the moment, no clothing manufacturer has:

A: Designed a RipStop, Sage Green GoreTex tuxedo.
B: Accessorized Teva Sandals, SOSpenders or a worthy representation of a certain stripping basket replete with sticker accoutrement, that any self respecting Chatham ?resident? (or is that "President" :hehe: ) would be caught wearing, dead or alive.

I cannot picture certain Chatham property owners in anything but the abovementioned Sage Green finery, etc.

I am all for cigars and Port on the proving grounds. I am even willing to provide fine aged Pogy Oil for any excursion onto small ponds for research. However, I SHALL NOT subject my wool tuxedo to the ravages of Cape scrub growth, kettle pond water or Chatham beaches -

Therefore, I propose we elect a Chairman to the newly created "GoreTex Tuxedo Development for Testing of Fly Patterns" Committee.

I nominate the current and forever President of CAC
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