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Roop- My answer depends upon the conditions. Although everyone loves the visual impact of a surface strike, most of my go-to flies are subsurface.

For largemouths, a purple snake fly is dynamite around here. It has an almost nuetral boyuancy, so it can be stopped duing a slow retrieve and suspended in front of a following bass.

For smallmouths, a black over orange clouser seems to be a favorite, especially on the nearby Connecticut River. I suppose it does a decent job of imitating crayfish and baitfish simultaneously.

For panfish, especially slab crappie, the fly that I submitted for the swap (cone head bunny leech) is hard to beat. The rabbit strip tail has lots of inherent action that drives them nuts. :eyecrazy:

And don't sell your own go-to flies short. They are your go-tos because they've proven themselves and you have confidence in them, and having confidence is half the battle.
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