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Hey Juro,

When's the tarpon clave? when I win the lottery!


Most tarpon I came across in the islands were in the 30 - 50 lb range, with the 75 pounders being near the upper end of the size range. I'm not sure why larger fish were absent/rare. Nonetheless, my statement on the fight getting old was based on the tarpon up to 50 lbs I landed, and those few larger fish I didn't. I agree that a mistake made while fighting a tarpon (of any size) will likely result in a fish lost. Tarpon are a blast.
Based on my experience with the smaller fish, other than the thrill that comes with landing one's first large tarpon, I'd rather cast to and catch numerous smaller fish than duke it out with a single deepwater tarpon. A friend told me a story about a guy who hooked a large tarpon and fought it for 6 hours before landing it. No thanks.
Hey, all things being equal, I'd rather catch blues than stripers - more bang for the buck, imo.

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