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One more tip....

My book shows a "rescue stirrup" in the safety section. Here is what it says:

"Some paddlers find it impossible to reenter a kayak with a high back deck. Fatigue or hypothermia may disable an otherwise proficient paddler trying to get back into the kayak. A rescue stirrup can be a necessary leg up. Cut a piece of 1-inch nylon tubular webbing long enough(about 14 feet) to reach around the cockpit coaming and hang 18 inches into the water. Push 6 inches of garden hose through the tubing up to the midpoint to create an open step in the flexible webbing. The webbing can be tied into a loop the correct length for the boat, the person, and the technique being used. Remember that much of your gear might be used to rescue someone else."

It is like a stepladder for kayaks that hangs around the cockpit. You could carry it behind your seat, and it just may save someone's life in the cold ocean waters of the Cape.

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