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WANTED: misc fishing gear

I know this is a fly fiishing board, but had an experience recently that led me to this post. Had a friend who recently gave up fishing baiitcasters and went strictly fly. He offered me his gear. There wasn't much I needd, bt he did have some stuf that realy interested e. So, I figured maybe some of you may have given up conventional gear and have some stuff still i your garage you may want to part with. All these things aren't made anymore, bt I got a couple ofthese from my buddy.

I can't aford top dollar, but make me an offer on what you want and I'l see what I can afford. Ii'm loking for okies, birdies, go glos, bc steels, and any pentac commponents. I'm mostly after okies (I already haave a lifetimes supply, but they're my favorite). Iif you have any, send me aan email at

Thanks, I'm sure thee may be some of thse hangin around. I was shocked to find a BC stel iin my friends thins. Worse thinn is I snagged i up and ost it first wekend I had it. LOL. If the water hadn't been ssubzero I'd dove in after it. LOL
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