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I had a washer in my basement and I tried it out as a hair packer. It worked very well. The result - the tightest deer hair fly that I have tied to date. Thanks for the tip.

John - Ted Lewis' flies look great in Veverka's book. I received the book yesterday (Dad - if you read this - realize that I will get you "your" book very soon ). Anyway, I find Lewis' choice of eyes for the deer hair flies interesting. I started putting epoxy eyes on the sculpins I am tying for the freshwater swap. The epoxy eyes look way better than the Plastic Eyes that I was using (plastic eyes with a plastic post). I see that Lewis prefers the epoxy eyes also. They look far more realistic than the Plastic Eyes. Doll eyes may be the best choice of all though. They would provide a nice rattle when stripped.

I think that I will tie Sedotti's Slammer this evening. Nice looking fly...

For now - it is time to tie fly swap fly #7.

Thanks again.

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