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Favorite Bonefish flies

I'm curious as to what your favorite bonefish flies are, and why.

On light-colored sand flats, and sand flats with sparse, or clumps of, seagrass, I prefer a McVay Gotcha in the low light hours of morning and evening, and a blond (or tan) and white clouser (usually in fly fur). Both imitate shrimp, but I think the Gotcha can be a bit too flashy during high light hours of mid-day.

Second choice, and an especially good fly for large bones, is a cream and tan Del Brown yarn crab. I learned a ways back to tie the claws and legs shorter than normal, because bones tended to bite and tear at the claws and legs rather than take the whole fly. The closer to the color of the natural sand the better.

On darker grass flats, I really like the Fernandez snapping shrimp. It is dark, so similar like the shrimp on the flat, rides hook point up, so won't get snagged, and turns bones in their tracks.

When bones are feeding on schools of glass minnows and anchovies, the white Crazy Charlie or charteuse and white clouser comes out. The chartreuse and white clouser can also be a good fly for casting off edges of the flat if you suspect bones are cruising deep.

Anyone else have favorites?

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