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Mark... I just finished two flies.. and followed Morrison to a key.. I had no packing tool so I used my fingers but by keeping the shank thread bear except for my tail material I was able to pack it nice and tight. I stacked the hairs just as Morrison did by putting the ends in the stacker first ,stack it then cut the ends... but also cut the other ends as well.... Both flies came out beyond my expectation ..One had two different colors horizontal the other had white on the bottom and a different color on top with a complete red front.. top and bottom. The Key was the use of the razor blade.. Cut the blade to use only one side.. Bend it in a semi-circle shape and cut toward the hook... incredible... all nice and even and perfect.. no gouges as a scissor might do. I used the scissors for trimming the neck. NEED TO BUY MORE DEER HAIR:eyecrazy:
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