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Ask, e mail address below. fe
Looking forward to the 'down load.' By the way "up to your fanny (butt) in snow is an old (probably everywhere) phrase indicating lots of snow that tends not to melt. Just gets deeper on the ground.

Born out side of Winnipeg, Canada and average on the ground was about 90 inches. As kids we were the "tunnel rats" that burrowed the tunnels to get to the well head, chicken coop, etc. Sounds like a pain, but was actually great fun.

As you dug out the tunnels, the snow went on the stove for freash water. Your body heat would melt the snow in the tunnel(s) and this would freeze over pretty quickly. "Zipped around under ground," stayed dry and, like an igloo,' the air temp usually wouldn't/couldn't go much below 32 degrees.

Get to the chicken coop and we'd poke holes in the snow cover for air/ventilation and the chick's would stay fairly warm and tostie. Igloo effect again.

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