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"Body Bag" Steelhead fly

Never done this part before so hope it isn't too sketchie

Hook -- Any #4 or 6 medium wire straight eyed hook. If you're doing this as a tube fly I'd suggest the Loop short shank doubles.

Thread -- usually black, but Malcom gave me a good idea as I usually heavily weight the #4's. Un wted fly use black thread; wted use red so you can tell the difference at a glance.

Build up a bit of an under body with waxed thread. This gives the black wool, chenile or .015 wire something to 'bite' into.

Body is either small black Chenile or black wool.

Over-rap a few turns of silver tinsel (the crinkled stiff stuff makes for an even better, more striking look).

Tie off but leave a good amount of hook at the eye for the wings.

Wings are a matched pair of bright red dyed Goden Pheasent Tippets. Tie in just in front of the body, tie head and cement.

Wings are layed along side the hook, not on top so they 'mask' the back body. Wing should extend to, or just beyond the bend of the hook.

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