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Mike, that's a timely question for me.. I attended the UFT last night and camped next to John Morrison who was tying Bass bugs and I watched him tie the most beautiful heads. I learned not to use super glue in the thread.. can screw it up.. He also swears by the packer and the little thing to pack the hairs in tight to each other on the shank.. But what I thought was the coupe de Gras was using a razor blade to trim the heads. He also showed us how to put different colors in ...Including large eyes of different color dear hair.. where to put your fingers to keep the different colors on top or on the bottom of the shank. To put in horizontal colors.. I can not explain it but will be glad to show you at the show.. You should consider joining UFTers. I usually do not tie at these meetings but go from table to table watching the Techniques I want to learn. I will be tying a few up for my fly display at our Booth.
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