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RE:Ideas on where to go in the Bahamas?


My limited experience is to look for incoming tides at first light. This is of course assuming you want to fish flats. It can also work the other was with some deeper water and fishing the drop offs on an outgoing with heavier flies. I am no expert here though so I am hoping others can comment.
I have had alot of experiences with 'Cudas though ! I have fished in the Keys for them and landed several over a few days that where swimming in knee deep water. If I where you, I would be more concerned about any sharks that work there way onto the flats than the 'Cudas. My experience with 'Cudas is they took off after I released them and although somewhat brave, did not venture towards me. You know I saw something on sharks somewhere that showed pics of fishermen on a sandbar and there where numerous sharks 30 feet away and I do not think these anglers ever knew it !

Hey, how do we get a copy of that Bahama's Fishing Book ??

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