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RE:Ideas on where to go in the Bahamas?

John and Juro,

Thanks so much for the details. Matt Field, one of the other guys that is going, picked up "The Bahamas Flyfishing Guide" which may be the book you mention. It indicated that where we are planning to stay on Spanish Wells did not happen to have fishable flats right there, but they are all over near by. It looks like we will be renting a boat to get to them where we can beach the boat and wade to fish. I might try to go pick up the book myself.

The place we are staying, the Adventurers, is supposed to have recovered from the hurricane and is reopened. We'll see It is 4 guys going down for an extra long weekend, so the accommodations do not have to be perfect and we won't have wives or girlfriends along this time.

Thanks for the tips on the flies. I'll be sure to have some of them with me!

BTW what was your experience with tides? I don't relish the idea of swimming after a boat in 'cuda laden waters!

We'll take lots of pictures!

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