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...semi-Darwinian evolution...

I entered the Forum as "SOLO"...most of my activities seemed to be accomplished without the benefit of companionship...
As I evolved and the good Forum company became so addictive, "SOLO" seemed no longer applicable...but my frequent use of the Yak to gain access to less-than-accessible locations to dance with fish in sight of land-based observers brought on "Ishmael"..."social outcast"...
As Yak company grew, the "outcast" status no longer applied and when, thanks to injuries received in Alaska during an aircraft fire, I became a permanently grounded Air Force pilot, I decided on the tag "Penguin" which defines my current "flightless bird" status.
The Forum has been key to my evolution and the open door for unprecedented opportunities...New friends have forever altered my consciousness and I keenly look forward to broadening my FF horizons...soon "AreaSixtyOne" (my place on the Cape) will be my reality and I look forward to sharing it with the Forum family.
'Meet you at the Light House at 0500...
Let's go fishing!
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