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RE:Ideas on where to go in the Bahamas?


First try this website:

This site will give you alot of info about the Island and a place called the Rainbow Inn. The Inn caters to folks who want to bonefish on Eluthera on their own.
Also, there is a place called the Laughing Bird Apartments which has a flat out their front door. Supposedly there are flats on the laft side of the Island for almost the entire length of the Island.

There is another WEB site but I cannot make out the address from the paper I have. Do a search on "Bonefish Beginnings" and it is an article on fishing Eluthera by a guy in the Boston area.

Finally, here is a response I got from someone who fished Eluthera on their own. Pretty self-explanatory....

Subject: Re: Eluthera

We just got back from a ten day trip that ended on 01/03/00. The weather
for most of the trip was cool and windy. We stayed near Governors Harbor
on Balara Bay. We found good fishable flats at Balara, Governors Harbor,
"Girls Bank" on Harbor Island and by the airstrip/dump at the Governors
Harbor Airport. Overall the fishing was slow and I would have liked to
extended our range, but that was hard to do with a nice flat right in front
of our villa.

The island seems to have been hit harder by the hurricane than we were
told. Cupid's Cay looks like a war zone and the club med resort was closed
when we were there (nice pink beach though) We had trouble finding any
really nice restaurants but you might want to check out the Buccaneer club
for conch and other local dishes, Mate and Jenny's for pizza or the Rainbow
Inn for dinner.

A jeep should be perfect for getting around, as many sections of the
highway are almost completely washed away (James Cistern is the worst).
Also, the access to the flats at the airstrip is via a rough track; beware
the wild dogs at the southern end of the point. We didn't rent a boat or
use a guide although we did see several local guides polling the flats in
front of the house that we stayed in.

All five of the fish I caught were on the same fly. A small #4 white/tan
charlie with grizzly hackle tips tied into the wing. My leader was 15'
long with a 10# fluorocarbon tippet. I would think that typical Bahamas
bonefish flies would work.

If you are bringing your wife/girlfriend, be aware that there is absolutely
nothing for them to do other than lie on the beach. In Governors Harbor
there is no shopping, no beach front restaurants, no sailing rentals or
kayak rentals, nada. For these kind of activities you will need do drive
50 miles north and take a water taxi to Harbor Island. You can fish on
Girls Bank while they shop and hit the blue bar at the Pink Sands resort.
Kayaks are for guest use only, but they wont know you're not a guest. (Of
course, Girls Bank is located next to the Harbour Island dump) You can
buy good fresh fish from the fishermen in Governors Harbor at 3pm everyday.

As it turns out, my fishing friend found a book waiting for him on his desk
when he returned to work. It was a guide to bonefishing in the Bahamas
featuring maps and descriptions of the best areas on each of the islands.
I don't recall the name, but I'll forward it to you when I get it. I
remember he said there were many flats around Palmetto Point, which we
didn't know when we were there. Also, I wouldn't go back without a
nautical chart of the Island. Most of the fishable areas are not visible
from the main road, so you may want to do some exploring.

Kevin, best of luck and let me know if you need anything else....

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