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Thanks for the reply. Just had to do some bait fishing.

This type of thread comes up every year on every board that I read. And what bothers me the most is that it projects an eliteist attitude. Which I might add that this board and it's members are not about. Hence my comment, "that it's only fishing".

Everyone here knows I love to fish. Sometimes fishing is tough. I will fish whatever method it takes to entice a fish to take. But I do prefer certain methods and FF is one of them. I just don't limit myself to that. I agree it is the ultimate challenge, but not the only way to fish. It's an added bonus in this short race called life.

If fishermen you meet in the field or online detect an attitude they may not decide to pursue this beautiful sport of FF and that is my concern. Because when it comes down to it and I catch a nice fish by other means I ALWAYS think in the back of my mind what it would have been like to catch that fish on a flyrod.

Rant over!

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