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sea kayak info

In an attempt to keep myself alive while paddling all over creation in a sea kayak I "mentioned" to Santa that I would like books pertaining to kayaking.

One that I found in my stocking was "Sea Kayaker's Savvy Paddler - More than 500 Tips for Better Kayaking." It covers everything from major equipment purchases to planning and packing for multiple week trips. It doesn't go into subjects like the mechanics of an eskimo roll, it is more a checklist of do's and don'ts to make your paddling more efficient.

Some of my favorites:

#1 - A week of competent instruction is worth a year of just paddling around.

#9 - The best way to learn to stay dry is to get wet, often.

#21 - Every time you go out for a day paddle, spend the last twenty minutes doing a few practice rolls.

#36 - Test paddle a loaded kayak. Feel and performance will be very different with a load on board(at least 50lbs.) You can use two-liter bottles filled with water.

#60 - A paddle that's shorter overall will permit a greater variation in stroke rate.

And the one I found most interesting:

#127 - Glue a piece of neoprene or 1/4 inch foam under your feet in the cockpit. It will keep your feet warmer and prevent sandy boots from wearing a hole in the hull.

I'll post worthwhile tips from time to time. I also have a line on a decent kayaking school down in RI that I am looking into. I want to procede correctly so I don't find myself in over my head at some point next year. Buying the kayak is easy, being safe is a full time job.

Happy New Year.

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