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I do own a Ross Canyon Big Game #5 and I have been nothing but happy with it. The design of the spool exchange mechanism (different from the release on the Cimmaron) is well done to say the least.

Fortunately and unfortunately, I can attest to the superior customer service that Ross has to offer. At the end of last season I noticed that the drag on my BG #5 was no longer smooth (the tension of the drag was not uniform throughout the rotation of the spool). This was, I assure you, a manifestation of the fact that I did not soak the reel after each trip to the salt. After each trip to the salt I rinsed the reel thoroughly but I did not always soak the reel.

My failure to soak the reel violates the maintenance instructions that Ross clearly defines in the Owner's Manuals for all of their reels. This is especially true when you consider the fact that I did not fully open the drag before each soaking/rinsing.

To make a long story short - I sent my Reel to Ross and they dismantled and cleaned out the drag (replacing some parts - free of charge). They reported that the drag was full of salt crystals! They fixed the reel and returned it to me within 5 business days (even during the busy holiday season).

The lessons learned:
1. Always soak your reels (with the drag fully opened) after a trip to the salt. I already have a Tupperware container that I will fill with fresh water and use to soak my reel as I drive back home after a trip to the salt.
2. Ross Reels offers the ultimate in customer service - and they do so with outstanding care and professionalism.

I would buy another Ross without hesitation.

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