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Rob obviously knows hish Deschutes.

My time on the Descht's is quite limited, but many of the International Spey Board folks work this river like it was Nirvana. With the comment about 'good tires' Rob told me that he'd been there and done that. The access road he's talking about is something else! Pick-up guys put on 12-15 ply tires; tells you something.

Another river for volume of fish (not the size of the Descht's - and the Klikitat was, and remains, one of my best all time "secret rivers.") is the Rogue. Aug-Sept fish the Agness area; fish out the gazonga. October-November we're awash in fish above Medford.

Want to tangle with Mr. Salmon .... ? March-May we have a spring run of salmon that (by actual count) exceeded 30,000 each of the past two years. Where are all these fish you ask? How about as close as 15 minutes north of downtown Medford. Many a morning I've hit the river at day break, fish til about 8am, at my office by 830-quarter to 9. Even done a couple of 'long lunchs.' Bank folk think it's a 'kick' as the winner of pick a number between, gets dinner, or two or three.

Second Salmon run in our area is Sept-November with the fall Chnks and then the Coho's over lapping the summer run steelhead. Never use less than 10# Ultra main line for 'tippet' material; God only knows what you'll hook.

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