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The Deschutes In the areas where it is accessible there is virtually no private property. If you were to base your week out of the town of maupin you'd have 30 miles downstream to fish via gravel/paved access road (good tires an absolute must!!!!!!!!!!) and about 8 miles upstream. There is a nice little flyshop that has everything you need in town.

Within a 2 hour drive there are two other excellent steelhead rivers.
1. The John Day river which I know nothing about except that it has a remarkable run of all wild summer steelhead. A friend of mone was up there in November somewhere and had a 40fish day on a floating like and skaters.
2. the Klickitat (in Washington) Which although is very mysterious and does not giv up it's fish easily is an absolutely wonderful river with lots of easy public access. it is in a breathtaking canyon and it's steelhead are amazingly strong and often big by summer run standards.
Only steelhead matter!
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