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grenades, TNT and other stucking stuffers

can all be cast, or at least lobbed, the trouble with grenades is that the terminal tackle gets ruined every cast!

What used to work well in deep water for smelt and lakers was to tie a cement block to a bundle of TNT, three sticks sewn into a section of inner tube worked well. Then if the fish are holding say 30 feet off the bottom , you tie on a 30 foot length of clothes line and away you go.

While this isn't the 'sport' that Pike Shooting is in Vermont, it has merit as an Olympic contender, right up there with stoning pools.
which I also think started in Verrrrmont, but can't document that.

If we dig a bit I bet Berriman is a vermonter.

Oh, ps I have a few grenades left about if you want to try casting one, but please don't pull th epin, I need them what with the new home security system I put in and all.
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