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I just happened to finish reading the Winter 2001 issue of the Atlantic Salmon Journal.
quote from the article on "Salmon Farming Debate Heating Up in Scotland", see page 29 & 30 -
- .... described the salmon farming industry as a catalogue of illegal use of chemicals, emission of effluent, mass escapes ( of genetically altered fish) and mortalities of fish far beyond anything imagined when the industry was first established".

" The estimated waste discharged from Scottish fish farms in 2000 was equivalent to almost TWICE THE ANNUAL sewage discharged by the entire Scottish population (more than 5.5 million).
The article is shocking!
There is no mention of how the Canadian or American fish farms are affecting our waters but the Audubon articles and other posts have stated some of the major issues.
My only encouragement is to continue to support the ASF and/or other similar associations who continue to fight to restore some semblance of balance between economic gains and our oceans, lakes and rivers.
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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