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Thumbs up Nothing against Cabela's....but

buy it from LL Bean, and you buy it once.

If the rod fails to impress you even after years of service Bean will replace it.

I was at Bean last year and two Old Town canoes came in to the store. all camo'd up, and looking well worn. I asked the fella near us what the story was and he replied that the canoes had failed to meet the expectations of the owner, who used them all duck season and had painted them to boot. But he wasn't happy with them so Bean took them back, no problem.

Try painting a rod, gun , boat or anything else for that matter and see if it can be returned!

We could be getting gear from anyone, one of the reasons that professional guides, like the ones that work for me, get their gear from Bean is that they know they are buying it once only. It is good for life pretty much from them.

happy holidays.
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