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Thanks for the insights. They are some very long salmon seasons. Are there really fish for that long in the rivers which are worth pursuing. In Michigan the andramous fish season is 12 months, all year on most rivers, but I would say only 8 months September to April there are enough fish to pursue them with probability of success.

When you say single bank that means only one fisherman per pool ? Dual bank means two fisherman per pool I suppose that have reserved that section of river.

I guess they do not allow floating the rivers over there, like they do in the states. Here if you are floating in the water you can fish just about any river section. Landowners only own up to the high water mark of the river in many states. In some they own up to the water edge and the land you stand on in the river. On those you can fish from a canoe, but not standing in the river within their land boundaries.

To summarize in the states if you are floating the river and do not set foot on the land while within their property boundaries you are OK.

I wish some of my favorite river sections would go to pay to fish to keep the traffic down.

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