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Salmon seasons vary, the Ness Beauly open Jan 15 and close Oct 15. Spey starts Feb11 and closes Sept 30 the Deveron starts Feb11 but closes Oct31.

Prices vary depending on supply and demand the best weeks on the best beats can cost up to 1000/ week $1490 ? I think. There is plenty of good quality fishing at more reasonable prices. The advantage of paying is that there is no one else on your pool or pools. On the Spey you can be given two pools to fish in the morning then another two in the afternoon, and if it is single bank you have the place to yourself and the wildlife. Remember our island is just little with a high population. The Brora I pay 250 for my June week. Time share is something else, the Beauly charge up to 70,000 / rod/ week but it is for ever, and can be passed on to your heirs etc, but bear in mind that there is a mamagement fee over and above this. That is for a prime week in July where there are over 100 fish caught, between 12 anglers. Roughly a fish a day each. There always a lot of arguement for and against timeshare, I own about three weeks but none of them are prime weeks but hard working fishers can take fish in the cheap weeks

I pay 1000 / season to fish my little stretch on the Deveron mind you it is only 0.25 mile long.

Sorry Fred parcel has not arrived but the post here is awful at this time of the year. Looking forward to the post in the new year.

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