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Oh no Scotland !!

Been surfing some of the salmon web sites over there over the holiday. Looks very excellent the fishing. But is there much public water for the normal person to fish their. That appears to me the big draw back to fishing in Europe to us americans. Everything appears private or you must pay. I know there is some public water but not like here in the US. Got to get back to the UK on business this year and try and sneak in some salmon fishing. My problem our home office is in Zurich, Switzerland which is here I would probably end up and there is no atlantic salmon there, just some trout and grayling, which does not get me going to lug all of the tackle, etc.. Atlantic salmon though are a different story.

If we find some more salmon fisherman we should do a fly swap. I can do hairwings forget the classics I am not up to that level of patience or skill yet.

Which salmon rivers do you fish over there ?

Best Regards,

Hal Eckert

Chicago, IL
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