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Welcome Bill, I have only been on the board since mid November you will find mostly east coast saltwater and PNW steelheaders. I myself grew up in Northern NJ, learned to fly fish when 12 years old in the Catskill rivers, Beaverkill, Willowemuc, etc... About 42 years experience now. Then was transferred to mid west in 1979 from NYC to Chicago area. Been fishing Michigan trout, steelhead (mainly, and pacific salmon here in the great lakes since. One of my objectives is to get to the N. Umpqua looks beautiful and very challenging river, but have to get it on my fly fishing accomplishments list. When I left the east coast was just getting into Atlantic salmon fishing in Maine. Steelhead have replaced them though for now. There are some Atlantic salmon in the great lakes but very limited fly fishing on one river I will keep unnamed. Perhaps we should do an atlantic salmon fly swap. Many of the patterns can be used for steelhead. I tied up some atlantic salmon patterns recently for potential use on steelhead.

Well any way welcome to the board and perhaps we can get the Atlantic salmon threads rolling on this board.

Happy Holidays !!

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