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Re: Where are the Atlantic Salmon Fisherman ?

Originally posted by pmflyfisher
I have been on the forumn for about 5 weeks now.

Just wondering where all the atlantic salmon fly fisherman are ?

Also wonder where all the trout fisherman are ?

I'll give you my opinion on these two questions.

For many of us in the northeast US atlantic salmon are thought of as an exotic destination fish. To fish for them, even on public waters, takes a considerable outlay of time, travel and capital with a low likelyhood of success. This limits the number of people who chase them. The striped bass on the other hand is catchable along most of the coast allowing people to fit in a couple of hours here & there fishing, rather than thinking about fishing.

I'm one of those who is mostly a trout/warm water fisherman. One of the things I've noticed the last couple of years is that, aside from on a few tailwaters, I see very few fly fisherman on fresh water from mid May to late October. Granted the streams are too warm for trout C&R for a portion of that time, but the decrease in the number of freshwater fly fisherman is noticable durring that period. My opinion is that most fly fisherman are chasing the stripers.
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