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Wow 100 in two weeks. I have done about 50 0ver the last three weekends. I hear the professional fly tyers have to do at least 5-6 dozen a day to survive. Don't know if I could do that with out going crazy. I will keep it as a great hobby and tackle expenditure reduction program for sure though.

Now in the teens here in Chicago winter has set in, probably no chance to hit the michigan steelhead rivers this week as planned. It was fifty degrees here a week ago . 20 years ago I could winter fish in 20 degree weather but now I think 40 degrees is the coldest I would try it. One time I did 10 degrees with a wind chill of probably zero, man that was cold. I had the prime stretch of the St Josephs river in Michigan all to myself on Christmas eve, I wonder why !!

I was the only one stupid enough to be out there thats why. But that was when I first started steelheading in 1980 and really had the fever to catch one and the thirty year old body to do it. Also being a down hill skier and spending a year in Iceland had developed my tolerance to cold I suspect,

Happy holidays and tying to all !
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